Bridge House Brats
Monday, July 10, 2006
When you pull into Phoenix, NY on the boat, you’ll find the greatest bunch of kids.  They are called the Bridge House Brats. The concept is that they volunteer to help boaters during the summer. They offer free drinks (lemonade, tea, etc.).  They’ll wash boats, they’ll run to town and deliver meals from any of the local restaurants.  When they aren’t helping boaters, they
re picking up litter around town, painting their lighthouse headquarters or just being kids hanging around the dock.
Some of the kids put in as many as 40 or more hours per week. The supervisor (not pictured here) has been working there for 3 years.  His goal is to join the Navy because he loves boats.  His schedule is 6 am till mid afternoon six days a week.  
Joe is the kid on the right in the blue shirt.  But his nickname is Bill.  I didn’t ask.